Breakable Barriers NA Graphics

  • This is an in-development system in its first major test. There may be bugs that cause graphical glitches, incorrect data or loss of service.
  • Additionally, no software is ever fully secure. There is always a small chance of malicious actors that could cause service denials or content replacement.
  • By agreeing, you understand that whilst every step will be taken to ensure the security, integrity and uptime of the services, you are still responsible for the content on your streams, including this overlay.
  • I'll try my hardest to keep the match data up-to-date where possible, but due to stream delays, you may want someone in the lobby or voice call to message me or another data goblin the live score.
    You can join the support Discord server to send me scores easily.
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What is this?
  • Breakable Barriers is a two-day tournament by Overwatch Open Division.
  • This tournament has become very popular as large Overwatch streamers have streamed their own teams as they advance through the bracket.
  • I ran the production for ZP & Hex's stream last weekend, but I decided to work on something that can show the game score as a small widget for streamers.
  • This overlay will use very similar assets to show a clean map score on your stream. The scores are controlled by my servers and rely on people watching the stream or being in game to feed the scores back to me.
  • You, a moderator, a viewer, or a spectator may wish to join the support Discord server to send results to me (if I'm not watching them)
  • By keeping the scores updated in a central place, they can be sent to all game members at the same time.
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